Globally Collaborative Project Ideas Inspired by Learning 2.0

A space inspired by the Learning 2.0 Conference in Shanghai on 14 - 16 September 2007. During the conference Kim Cofino moderated 2 very productive unconference sessions where conference participants developed 20 different ideas for connecting our classrooms. This is a space where we can start to cross-connect and further develop these ideas in a shared space. Please feel free to add, edit, embellish any and all of these ideas!

Listed below are the 20 project ideas developed at the conference, each project is linked to another page within the wiki containing more details.

In an effort to make this space a little more user friendly, I propose that teachers who are interested in participating in these projects, follow the link to the appropriate project below and then list their names, contact info/blog on each individual project page (see example here). If you have another idea for organizing, please try it out!

Lower Elementary
Upper Elementary
Cross Grade Level Projects