Project Overview:

Learning About Local Culture: Representing art in the culture you live in teach students about local art - students teaching students.

Let the planning begin!

Ours is a new class at Bay Port High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A. called Global Viewpoints. Our main goal is to get our students to think in more global terms. To accomplish this we will be: Reading newspapers around the globe at least once a week., Researching things that might cause culture shock in our students if they were to travel to various locations, Learn about hurdles in communication between different cultures, Learn how things like religion, language, politics, geography and history influence how a culture develops, Learn as much as we can about as many other cultures as we can. To help us accomplish the above we hope to communicate at least four times during each of our semesters with students from other parts of the world. (1st semester runs September 1,2010 – January 15,2011 and second semester runs January 16, 2011 – June 7, 2011) Topics we would like to cover are: Holidays, traditions, and festivals; Current Events; History and Geography; Cultural norms, religion and politics. Contact information: website: