Project Overview:

Update: Project Revamped: Books Go Global!

In order to manage this project, we have started a new wiki for the students and teachers involved. Please come on over and add yourself!

Contribute to the discussion and planning of this project here (the discussion tab of the teacher planning page) so that we can keep the conversation going on the Books Go Global page :)

Note: This project was inspired by: Great Book Stories: Listen and See: A great (new, but existing) digital storytelling project based on book reviews produced by students using Voice Thread to integrate audio and visual elements. Find an overview and two samples on Wes Fryer’s recent post.

Let the planning begin!

Interested Grade 4 Teachers
School & Location
Start Date
Kim Cofino & Mary Bellone
International School Bangkok, Thailand
Always Learning
Early Oct
Kim Cofino & Louise Lehmann
International School Bangkok, Thailand
Always Learning
Early Oct
Susan Morgan & Kym Solley
Fredericksburg Academy, Virginia

Lisa Durff
Broadfording Christian Academy, USA
mid Oct
Nancy Sharoff &
Janet Gerstenhaber
Ellenville Elementary School, NY
end Oct