Project Overview:

Global Village:
One of our grade two classes will be working with Alecia Berman-Dry’s teachers on the Global Village project to connect elementary students around the world. The goal is to merge our two classrooms into one global village by conducting joint activities or projects once a month. We are going to focus on intercultural understanding and making connections between or different lifestyles.

Let the planning begin!

We're also looking for Spanish speaking partner schools to join in.
Interested Schools

Contact Name and Info
School Name
Grade Levels
Nancy vonWahlde
American School of Madrid
1-5, ESL and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL)

Roadblocks and how we are getting around them:
1. Requirement of Email addresses for many tools, like wikis and nings.
Our current solution is to create gmail accounts for the children, to which they do not really have access. Another option is Gaggle free email accounts. Suggestions?
2. Yack Pack voicemail starts charging for service.
3. Wikis are not exactly working the way they should.
For instance, our kids are having a tough time sizing photos and using tables in wikispaces. Is anyone else having this issue? Perhaps it's browser related?